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Deesoft Service is an professional website for learning web and app online. sample codes of many web languages have been given on this platform. Fresher web designers and developers can improve their web skills by reading them. And the solution for the error coming in development will also be found on this website.
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Many categories of articles are available here. In web development we have codeigniter, nodejs and there is an article like Flutter in app development and Materialize CSS farmework in website UI designing.

Codeigniter Framework

Codeigniter is the most commonly used framework in web development. features of MVC Based, Error Handling, Security, User Friendly many more.

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Nodejs is open source environment, it used for traditional websites and backend api services. it used for frontend and backend of applications.

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Materialize Frameworks

Materialize is a strong tool to design and it is very easy to learn. Features of responsive design, effect design, experience user design.

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Flutter is open source development kit. it used for building hybrid application for android, IOS etc. With single code we can create application for multi-platform.

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Laravel is open source web development php framework. it used for building mid level web application. laravel also used MVC architecture.

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How to remove public from url…

Index.php by URL is the by default include in the URL provided by codeigniter framework.…

by: Deepak TailorSep 20, 2020

Query helper function | insertID | affectedRows | getLastQuery | countAll
Query helper function | insertID |…

The functions that are performed to check the response of this query are the query…

by: Deepak TailorOct 20, 2020

How to set routes in laravel 8
How to set routes in laravel…

A web.php file is available to set the route of the website in Laravel framework.…

by: Deepak TailorJun 08, 2022

Fetch Similar data with Like | orLike | notLike | orNotLike
Fetch Similar data with Like |…

To search the data from the database table, we use the like function. Data can…

by: Deepak TailorOct 29, 2020

How to validate post data with joi in express
How to validate post data with…

Post data is validated from joi library like how to use validation, valid email, length…

by: Deepak TailorNov 30, 2021

show all categories in ecommerce
show all categories in ecommerce

In this article, we will show the categories for the products in the database on…

by: Deepak TailorJan 18, 2021

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How to integration cashfree payment gateway in codeigntier 3
How to integration cashfree payment gateway in codeigntier 3
Deepak Tailor
 Date : 12 Feb 2023

In this article I will show you, how to integration cashfree payment gateway in codeigniter 3...

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