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What is the flutter widgets

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Deepak Tailor - Nov 26 2021
What is the flutter widgets

If we design any app in Flutter, then all the components in it are different widgets. Like text widgets for text, image widgets for images, button widgets for buttons and many other widgets.

App structure and navigation widgets

this widgets used for navigation in app one page to another page.

1. App bar

2. Bottom Navigation bar

3. Drawer

4. Material App

5. Scaffold

6. Silver App bar

7. Tabbar

8. TabBar View

9. TabController

10. Tab Page Selector

11. Widgets App

Button Widgets

this widgets used for design the button in flutter app.

1. Dropdown button

2. Elevated button

3. Floating action button

4. Icon button

5. Outline Button

6. Popup menu button

7. Text button

Input and selections

this widgets used for get user input data

1. Checkbox

2. Date and time pickers

3. Radio

4. Silder

5. Switch

6. TextField

dialogs, alerts, pannels

this widgets used for show alert box, custom dialog box and bottom sheets.

1. Alert dialogs

2. Bottom sheet

3. Expansion panel

4. Simple dialog

5. Snackbar

Information display widgets

this widgets used for dispay all text, icons, indicators and gridview etc.

1. Card

2. Chips

3. Circular progress indicator

4. Data table

5. Grid view

6. Icon

7. Image

8. Linear progress indicator

9. Tooltip

Layout widgets

this widgets used for design complete layouts

1. Divider

2. List Tile

3. Stepper

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