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Tutorial List
What is Code-igniter
Codeigniter is the framework of a "PHP" that works on the Model View Controller(MVC). this is used for Web Development. The latest version is 3.1.10 in Codeigniter.
How to Download
It's easy to Download Codeigniter Framework. You can download the codeigniter framework in two ways.
1. From Codeigniter Offical Website (
2. With the given download button below.
Download Codeigniter
How to Setup
1. Paste the Codeigniter Zip file in the C/xampp/htdoc folder.
2. Extract zip file after paste.
3. Rename zip file.
4. Open Your Browser.
5. localhost/project_name
Why Use Codeigniter
1. Framework with a small & simple code
2. Good Performance
3. Simple Solutions
4. Strong Security