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How to install laravel 8 with composer

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Deepak Tailor - Jan 28 2022
How to install laravel 8 with composer

There are two ways in which we can install Laravel 8 in our system. From composer command and from laravel installer command

first of all , check composer install on your system if composer not install go to the website to download and after the complete process of composer installation , run the command

the first way is here,
composer create-project laravel/laravel example-app

example-app replace by the your project name for example: deesoftservice

the second way is laravel installer,

first of all, laravel installer install to globaly install in your system.

then next command is,

composer global require laravel/installer
laravel new example-app

also replace the example-app by your project name

after the downloading process, go to the project directory and run the following command

cd example-app
php artisan serve

laravel 8 successfully install on your system

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