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create custom controller in codeigniter 4

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Deepak Tailor - Sep 23 2020
create custom controller in codeigniter 4

A Controller is simply a class file that is named in a way that it can be associated with a URI. First uri segment is controller name

url example :

Save the controller file in the App/controllers/controller_file_name folder.

This is valid:

class Helloworld extends Controller


This is not valid

class helloworld extends Controller

class HelloWorld extends Controller


Also, always make sure your controller extends the parent controller class so that it can inherit all its methods.

Passing URI Segments to your methods
public function mobile($name, $id)
    echo $name;
    echo $id;
Defined a default controller

You can also set the default controller in the coding controller when the product is run, then the default controller is run.

To specify a default controller open your app/Config/Routes.php file and set this variable:

Defined a route for controller
$routes->get('/', 'Home::index');
$routes->get('/aboutus', 'Home::about_us');
$routes->get('/products', 'Home::products');
$routes->get('/services', 'Home::services');
$routes->get('/contactus', 'Home::contact_us');

You cannot call protected and private function from direct URL. Codeigniter 4 controller, how to create controller, call function in controller

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