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renderSection() use in views file

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Deepak Tailor - Oct 02 2020
renderSection() use in views file

CodeIgniter supports a simple, yet very flexible, layout system that makes it simple to use one or more base page layouts across your application. There are many options given for using the layouts in the view file in codeigniter 4.

1. renderSection()

2. Extend()

3. included()

How to use renderSection() function

We use the render section function to show a section in our view file. Like –

How to use section() & endsection() function

With the section function, we set up a view section, then we set this set section to any file. Like –

<!-- navbar section set -->
<?= $this->section('navbar_section') ?>
    <h1>navbar section</h1>
<?= $this->endSection() ?>
<!-- navbar section set -->

<!-- menu list section set -->
<?= $this->section('menulist') ?>
    <h1>menu 1</h1>
    <h1>menu 2</h1>
    <h1>menu 3</h1>
    <h1>menu 4</h1>
<?= $this->endSection() ?>
<!-- menu list section set -->

<?= $this->include('admin/navbar'); ?>
<?= $this->renderSection('navbar_section'); ?>
<?= $this->renderSection('menulist'); ?>
How to use extends() and include() function

With the Extend function, we use a template to include our view file. And we also include to include the template. We use the Extend function in the header.

<?= $this->extend('admin/header'); ?>
<?= $this->include('admin/navbar'); ?>
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