What is web story

Web story is a short format of blog or article. With the help of web story, we share the information of blog or article to the audience. While tabbing in the web story, read the entire information. This is a new product of Google which shows in the Discover section of Google App. It keeps on showing in the app according to the user's interest.

How to create web story

The method of creating a Google Web Story is different in different frameworks. Like if we are creating a web story in WordPress , then WordPress provides us some plugins to create a web story like Make Story Plugin, Google Web Story Plugin etc. If we are building in Laravel or Codeigniter then we have to do custom code. Google's documentation is given to create a web story.

How to increase more traffic in web story

  1. Create a web story on the article Google is ranking.
  2. Use the jump link in the web story so that the traffic coming on the web story can be passed on to the article or blog.
  3. Keep the slide of web story minimum from 8 to 15. Cover the entire article in these slides.
  4. Cover one topic with multiple angles
  5. Use videos and animation to explain web story content to users.
  6. Index in Google after completing the web story. So that your story can be shown in Discover.

Make money through web stories

Create Google AdSense account.

Create an AIDS unit for web story.

Placed the code in the web story page.

Trending web stories ideas

  1. Airlines and hotel booking
  2. Digital marketing
  3. Finance and insurance
  4. Gaming
  5. Online course
  6. Pet care
  7. Software
  8. Traveling
  9. Web hosting
  10. Weight loss